About Glyn Williams

Glyn Williams Author
Bornin The United Kingdom December 14, 1963
Website: https://bestsellertactics.com
Twitter: radioglyn
Genre: Business, Fiction

Glyn Williams was born in Derbyshire UK in 1963.

His father, brother and late grandfather were all entrepreneurs and businessmen. For over 20 years worked in sales and marketing and as a radio personality until in 2012 he contracted ‘High Grade Dysphonia’, the closest you can get to vocal cancer. Laser surgery of the vocal chords followed which solved the problem but left him without his most basic sales tool in full working order.

Life with a diminished voice forced him to look at a new career that was not dependent on the use of the spoken word. In a change of career he became a writer in 2013 and decided to share his knowledge of sales and marketing through books.

He continues to live in Derbyshire England with his wife Daphne.